Human Resources

ServiceDepot provides all of the tools you need to hire, onboard, manage, and train your business's employees.

The Key Human Resources Tools Your Business Needs

Key Human Resource Tools Your Business Needs to Keep Business Booming and Your People Happy.

Human Resources Management

Need help managing payroll, benefits, compliance, and staffing issues? ServiceDepot can connect you with the tools and service providers you need to make sure anything having to do with employees can run smoothly.

Benefit Administration

Need assistance in handling health insurance, life insurance, paid time off, and other motivational offerings for your full and part-time employees? Whether you’re wondering about a SIMPLE, SEP, 401(k), and Keogh plan or a proposed sick leave policy, we have the tools your business needs to make decisions.

Talent Management

Every business owner knows that finding talented employees and placing them in the correct position improves loyalty and reduces attrition. ServiceDepot’s tools help you identify opportunities for your employees so they can grow both your business and as professionals.


The world has never been more technologically sophisticated.  Skills and jobs that were once in demand three years ago might be completely irrelevant in a few years. With the right training, your business can prepare for these shifts and set your employees up for success as their role grows.


Our certification offerings keep your employees sharp and informed of the latest HR practices in the field, so they can keep your business in compliance and their colleagues happy.

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