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You can’t guard against every business risk in life, but you can reduce your risk by purchasing the right business insurance.

Business Insurance Tools

Key Business Insurance Tools Your Business Needs to Keep your Business and Property Protected

General Liability Insurance

You know the stories. Someone slips in an office and files a lawsuit against the business owner. General liability insurance is created for scenarios like that. This type of insurance provides your business protection against civil litigation in dollar amounts that align with the amount of risk.

Property Insurance

Property insurance isn’t just for houses or apartments. ServiceDepot helps you protect your commercial property with policies that address every imaginable risk and exposure your business faces.


Protect yourself from theft. With the ServiceDepot team, we’ll work with you to determine your business’s bonding needs and provide you the tools you need to secure money in the event of a claim against your business.

Business Owner’s Policy

Ever wonder what it would be like to have General Liability Insurance and Property Insurance in one neat package? Look no further. Business Owner’s Insurance makes sure you can handle any of life’s surprises, whether that’s damage to property or a lawsuit over customer injuries.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Any automobile you or your business owns must have a liability policy. We help you find the right policy with the appropriate amount of coverage to fully protect your business.

Data Breach Insurance

No information system is completely safe. Sensitive information can be exposed through lost or stolen computers and devices. Data breach insurance guards your business against the fallout in the event of a security breach or misuse of company data.

Workers’ Compensation

Injuries can happen on the clock. Workers’ compensation insurance provides a safety net for employees who are injured on the job, meaning you can provide automatic benefits to your employees and protect your business from legal action.

Professional Liability Insurance

Mistakes happen, but some are more consequential than others. Professional liability insurance provides your business protection in the event an employee improperly renders services or commits a negligent act.

Umbrella Insurance

For many businesses, purchasing personal umbrella insurance provides extra peace of mind. This type of coverage doesn’t kick in until the limits of one of your primary policies has been exceeded; it then raises the limits of your primary liability coverage. This means you can protect your business or personal assets by supplying a higher level of coverage than you could afford normally.

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