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We’ve spent our lives running small businesses, from landscaping, to property management, and even retail stores.

We know how demanding it is to keep your business running smoothly. Every business owner has to answer questions like:

“How do I sort through complex health insurance policies to find one that’s great for my business?”

“Can this payroll service save me thousands of dollars per year?”

“Am I doing taxes right now that my business has changed?”

The answers to these questions impact real $$ in our businesses, and every dollar makes a difference between growth or downsizing. We built Service Depot to help get you the right answers so you can save money and time.

Currently based in Washington D.C., we work hard to expand beyond the Beltway and work across the nation.

Our Team

Paul Mederos, Sr.

Founder & CEO

Paul Mederos, Jr.

Chief Technology Officer

John Harris

Director of Technology

Alex Tyson

Vice President

John Salmon

Design Director

Rebecca Silverstein

Senior Designer

Phil Bolles

Senior Designer

Andy Flickinger

Senior Developer

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