Business is run by people. We help people do more with less.

No matter your business - plumbing, electrical, landscaping, housecleaning - your company needs resources that seem almost exclusive to large companies & business conglomerates.

We offer services - health & supplemental insurance, human resources, payroll just to name a few - to ensure your business and employees are covered. So you can get to work.

Who We Serve

We look out for the smaller but hard-working businesses that are making a huge difference. Every day, we help and connect service providers with other small businesses in offering supplies and resources.

HVAC Professionals
House Cleaners

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The Right Tools For All Your Jobs

You started a business to do more than paperwork. We work with you to identify a custom combination of the right tools at the right price for your business —so you can get back to doing what you love.

Health & Supplemental Insurance

We work with you to identify your business’s health and supplemental insurance needs— and match you with plans that work for all of your people. Read more.

Save up to 15%

Business Insurance

We connect you to tools that ensure your property, people, assets, and data are protected —no matter how your business evolves. Read more.

Save up to 15%


We work with you to identify the best payroll solution based on your size, location, industry, and type of business you run.Read more.

Save up to 15%

Human Resources

We help find the answers to all of your HR questions—and set you up with the tools you need to keep your people performing. Read more.


The law is complicated, but getting access to legal expertise isn’t with ServiceDepot. We connect you with top legal minds so you can breathe easy. Read more.

Additional tools coming soon!

We know the Roller Coaster

We’ve run service businesses before, lots of them—35+ years of running facility services, HVAC, plumbing, janitorial, construction, and more. So we know how frustrating it is to find the right tools—from insurance to payroll—when your business is always changing, when it feels like everyone’s trying to get-in on a slice of your pie, when you’re sitting by that mailbox waiting for that late check to come in so you can make payroll, when something unfortunate happens to a teammate and you realize you don’t have the right insurance coverage. But these lows are nothing compared to the highs -- the freedom of entrepreneurship, the impact you have on the lives of your employees and customers, the satisfaction of doing great work. That’s why we started ServiceDepot: to cut through the noise and give you the best tools to run your business, no matter how big or small, so you can bring what you do best to the world.


"ServiceDepot's approach allows me to grow my business and focus on where I can create the most value - all without having to worry about any additional overhead."

Dragan K.

Owner - DNA Pro Cleaning & Restoration
Springfield, Virginia

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